Election day is November 8th!


MCCSC Needs You

The referendum that was passed in 2010 to supplement funding to MCCSC is set to expire in December 2016 and the vote to renew this supplement will happen in the general election this November. Yes For MCCSC is a group of dedicated community members, volunteers, parents, and business leaders banding together in support of MCCSC students, our schools and the incredible opportunities in the community the referendum has made possible.

Yes For MCCSC needs YOU. You can help us avoid cuts to staffing, extracurricular opportunities, Bradford Woods, Honey Creek and individualized learning programs. Join us in keeping our schools and community STRONG.

Referendum 101

Learn how referendums work, and why it matters now.

Why Vote Yes?

Your YES Vote Ensures:

✓ High Quality Teachers

✓ Alternative High School Programming

✓ Specialized Services

✓ Extracurricular Activities

✓ Bradford Woods

✓ Honey Creek Schoolhouse

✓ Library Books, Digital Library Resources, Special Ed. Materials, Instructional Supplies